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respectful - amiable - resolute - funny - adventurous

Just a few of the qualities of leadership our fifth graders see in themselves. Fifth graders, we see these qualities in each of you. . .and more! Good luck in Middle School!
To the Community
Dear GSES Community,

We think we are lucky in schools to have official beginnings and endings. This allows us to reflect, celebrate and plan for continued growth. As we close out the year, we are celebrating many things from school-wide achievements such as completing our first year of a new Language Arts curriculum in K-2 to very specific achievements like seeing the “ah ha” in a first grader’s eyes when they start reading on their own. We are also celebrating other big wins such as re-establishing a strong culture and “We are Crew” spirit throughout our new school to seeing our fifth graders take big risks and stand proudly in front of a panel of strangers to present their Fifth Grade Passages.

The metaphor of the aspen forest is real. We celebrate these successes and growth knowing that it takes a healthy network of people, relationships and skills to bring things to life. Thank you for your ongoing support and active participation in our school community. We hope you have a lovely summer and get out into our aspen forests right here in the Roaring Fork Valley! See you in August!

Audrey Hazleton, Principal Lora Smith, Assistant Principal